Who Speaks WukchumniWho Speaks Wukchumni? An eight-minute NY Times Op-Ed video by Emmanuel Vaughn-Lee profiling Marie Wilcox, grandmother and last native speaker of Wukchumni, devoting her life to developing a dictionary.

In December 2014, together with a student from my SJSU class, I visited Marie and her family to record a Wukchumni story.


Terralingua, the world’s premier organization devoted to conserving endangered languages, covers our collaborative work:

The Global Diversity Foundation, a research, training and education organization working in Africa, the Americas and Asia:

The Christensen Fund, a private organization that crafts its grant making and other activities on the conviction that worldwide diversity – both cultural and biological – is hugely valuable and should be cared for:


MY WORK with Northern California coastal communities:

On April 6th, 2011 I was invited by the California State Fish and Game Commission to provide expert testimony on the role of indigenous (Native) science in setting marine policy. A video of that session, which includes tribal testimony, is archived here:

In 2009-10, I moderated a controversial process that involved Mendocino community constituents in coastal marine resource policy planning:

MY WORK with the Tado Community of East Indonesia:

The Tado Community is featured on the West Flores Tourism website:

In 2010, a Dartmouth College student, Charles Grant, spent his mid-semester internship with the Tado Community. Read about his experience:

Tado handicrafts featured in an exhibit at the National Museum of Ethnology in Japan:

Tado Cultural Ecology Conservation Project:

Tado cultural [eco]tourism: 

Press coverage for the Pfeiffer & Voeks 2008 review article: 

In May 2011, Secret Gardening website cited me in an article about native landscaping:

Prior to publishing the review, my work was described by a journalist reporting for the American Institute of Biological Sciences:

After Pfeiffer & Voeks 2008 was released, international websites picked up the story: and

Academic Links to My Teaching and Research:

UC Davis Faculty Mentoring Faculty lecture:

UC Davis Press release for National Institutes of Health International Collaborative Biodiversity Group grant:

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