Ethnobiology Film Festival!

We’re showing 20 animations, micro-documentaries, and biopics at the first-ever film festival at the 38th Society of Ethnobiology conference at University of California Santa Barbara.

The films are produced by academicians, tribes, independent filmmakers, and practitioners, and include the debut of five films by my SJSU students.

The entire 2015 program is available for free online.

Here’s a taste of the offerings, a talk given by one of our TEDxSJSU 2015 speakers, Nathan Kiwere:

The Power and Legacy of the Totems Ideology (6:01) Ethnobiological research into Uganda totemic species. Narrated by Nathan Kiwere, Produced by Isaac Mukama.

Animating Stories to Keep Languages Alive

50% of our world’s languages are threatened. What can we do?

In my San Jose State University class, students are making bilingual story-films by adding pictures to stories by grandmothers and grandfathers.

I’m thrilled to showcase our newest film – a story by Kashaya elder Essie Parrish, beautifully illustrated with digital paints by Rachael Borch.