Virtual Seaweed Cook-along

November 17th at 5:05 PM

Love the idea of raw seaweed but unsure what to do with it?

Join ethnoecologist Dr. Jeanine Pfeiffer in a hands-on cooking and seaweed Q&A session featuring the popular “Save the Tuna Salad” recipe from nutritionist and artisanal harvester Terry D’Selkie of Mendocino County.

By purchasing an entry ticket and cooking kit before November 10th, you’ll receive essential seaweed ingredients for this organic, vegan, kosher, Californian-Mediterranean style recipe that Jeanine will be demonstrating, a link to the livestream cooking event, plus a free digital book of more raw seaweed receipts to explore!

The earlier you sign up, the sooner you get your kit, yay!

Entry Ticket + Kit

What’s included in the kit*

Enough raw (dried) kombu and bull kelp seaweed powder for one recipe and a free copy of the Raw Seaweed Recipe Book. Priority mail shipping.

19.00 $

* Because of the heavily discounted cost, we can’t process any refunds. You are welcome to gift the kit to a friend or family member if you can’t make the event.