Film Festivals

SFF 2014

Salmon Film Festival

This entirely online, open-access film festival ran in Ft. Bragg, California for four consecutive years, sponsored by the Salmon Restoration Association.

Over fifty salmon-themed animations, documentaries, and videos can be viewed here.


Who SpeaksWukchumni.jpg

Ethnobiology Film Festival

Screened at the 38th Society of Ethnobiology Conference, held 6-9 May 2015 at the University of California at Santa Barbara.


A Karuk Creation Story (2:10) A bilingual recounting of Karuk river origins. Story by Vera Davis, featuring Ron and Mike Reed. Posted by Jack Kohler, 2010.

 The Song of the Tiger Shark at Manankurra (Manankurra Kujika) (5:30) A song line of kujika belonging to the Rrumburriya clan; a song line put into the Manankurra country by the Tiger Shark Dreaming, singing the cycad trees, people gathering water, the river and many other things. Produced by Monash University, 2008.  Song of the Tiger Shark

The Dreamings from the Saltwater Country (Narnu-Yuwa ki Anthaa) (3:48) Dreamings from the Yanyuwa Saltwater Country (Narnu-Yuwa ki Anthaa)  on the open sea out from the Wearyan River mouth. The Tiger Shark sing dolphins, dugongs, whales and a number of other creatures. Produced by Monash University, 2010. The Dreamings of Saltwater Country

Aboriginal Water Values and Management in Northern Australia (14:16) The Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge (TRaCK) research program documents Aboriginal values for aquatic resources were identified for the Daly River, Northern Territory and Fitzroy River, Western Australia. Produced by CSIRO; Narrated by traditional owner, Patricia Marrfurra McTaggar.

 Fish Kill 2014? Yurok Youth Seek Answers. (12:18) Young people explore the history of the 2002 fish kill on the Klamath River and seek answers for preventing another disaster. Seventh Generation Fund, 2014

In the Heart of Alaska’s Salmon stronghold (4:33) The fishing village of Nondalton, Alaska sits fourteen miles away from the proposed Pebble Mine site. Water from the site migrates into the lakes and streams supporting millions of spawning sockeye salmon spawning. The Story Group, Ted Wood and Beth Wald, 2012.

Nez Perce Tribe Works to Revive Extinct Coho Salmon (5:49) Efforts to save the fish, declared extinct in the Clearwater basin in 1987. Directed/Written/Produced by Aaron Kunz and EarthFix Video, 2012.

The Whale in the Creek (5:50) An animated Kashaya Pomo story based on a true story told to Herman James by his grandmother. Produced by Dennis Yu, Janie Dusenberry, Lauren Malady, Patricia Andrews, and Edgar Garibay, 2014.

 The Flood Story (2:36) Ellie Parrish tells an animated Kashaya Pomo story. Animation by Rachael Borch, 2014.


Hoopa Creation Story (1:26) A bilingual recounting of Hoopa origins and responsibilities. Posted by Indigenous TV; voiceover and translation by Kayla Carpenter.

Life Under the Oaks (6:15) A narration of traditional practices and culturally significant animal and plant species in Kumeyaay. Featuring Norma, Jon and Emilia Meza and Lupe Cota. Directed by Michael Wilken-Robertson. American Indian Studies program at San Diego State University, 2012.

Interview with Dolores Quintero (2:50) A Miwok elder speaks of her family’s past and cultural traditions. Video by Savanah Arjil, 2013.

 Ghost Tribe (9:03) At least half of California’s estimated 150,000 Native Americans lack official recognition by the federal government. The Winnemem Wintu tribe of Shasta County struggles to continue practicing its traditions without the legal rights and protections of federal recognition. Producer/Editor – Carrie Ching, Camerawork by Will Doolittle/Moving Image Productions, Reported by Marc Dadigan and Carrie Ching, Music by Guillermo Guareschi.

Wet Mouth (2:57) A spoken-word poem on traditional basketry. Poet/Producer Dr. Jeanine Pfeiffer, 2014.

Biopic of Corine Pearce (10:00) Portrait of a Redwood Valley Pomo basketweaver. Producers Veronica Naranjo, Claus Strand, Jennika Uribe. (LINK COMING SOON!)

Bishop Paiute Tribe Native Seed Broadcast (3:28) A humorous look at the Bishop Paiute Water Quality Control Program’s efforts to restore a degraded landscape. Bishop Paiute.Tribe Environmental Management Office, 2015

Who Speaks Wukchumni? (10:00) An elder keeping her language alive, composing a dictionary one letter at a time. Starring Marie Wilcox. Directed by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, produced by Adrianne Anderson and Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee. Edited by Adam Loften.

Who Speaks Wukchumni?

How We Got Our Hands (4:29) An animated Wukchumni story of origin Narrated by Marie Wilcox. Video by Jennifer Malone, Patrick Bacungan, Nick Bellin, Itzel Coronel, Jeff Hartung, Sami Boutros.

The Power and Legacy of the Totems Ideology (6:01) Ethnobiological research into Uganda totemic species. Narrated by Nathan Kiwere, Produced by Isaac Mukama.

The Non-Lead Hunter (23:57) A testimonial on responsible hunting by Anthony Prieto, a field practitioner with a love of the outdoors and the heart of a conservationist. and directed by Jeff Mcloughlin and Ethan Turpin.


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