FALL 2014 – SJSU Student Projects with Tribes

This semester’s Nature and World Cultures students outdid themselves with substantive, professional work: projects focusing on the challenges of retaining and revitalizing biocultural diversity (ancestral lands and waters, culturally significant biota, indigenous languages), in collaboration with Northern Californian tribes.


Ohlone microdocCalifornia Native Americans: Ohlone Costanoan Esselen NationYouTube video by Mary Yang, Jordan Zuchowski, and Catherine Utman

Also see: two new Winnemen Wintu Microdocumentaries on YouTube: short and long. Plus, an ultra-cool Prezi on the Hoopa Tribe and the Salmon.


HowWeGotOurHandsHow We Got Our Hands: A Wukchumni Story of Origin, told by Marie Wilcox. YouTube video by Nick Bellin, Jeff Hartung, Patrick Bacungan, Itzel Coronel, and Sami Boutros.

Whale and the SalmonThe Whale in the Creek: A Kashaya Pomo Story, told by Herman James. YouTube video by Dennis Yu, Janie Dusenberry, Lauren Malady, Patricia Andrews and Edgar Garibay.

Coyote & Two GirlsCoyote and the Two Girls: A Kashaya Pomo Story, told by Herman James. One Video by Ekaterine Franco, Amanda Morgan, Amelin Norzamini, Cori Majewski, and Jaskaran Dhami.

Also see: How the Ocean was Created (Kashaya Pomo, Herman James) on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “FALL 2014 – SJSU Student Projects with Tribes

  1. Thanks for sharing this excellent project. Very informative and interesting. Hope to see more video-interviews / reports from your students
    Much appreciated.

  2. Every semester, we have more completed projects. And if you’re attending the 2015 Society of Ethnobiology conference this May 6-9 at UC Santa Barbara, we’ll be showcasing student films during the Thursday and Friday lunch sessions.

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