Until We Have Loved – national essay finalist

REVIEWS:  An effective essay in that it manages to be completely engaging while also scientific, personality-driven, and utterly persuasive by the end.       – Jennifer Alise Drew

Masterful use of biological detail plaited with a moving story of love’s labor lost on a tiny creature than most of us would not shed a tear for. Moving. Also a wonderful example of the kind of unselfish acts needed to preserve nature and save the planet.        – J. Michael Lennon

Until We Have Bitty. I name the creature Bitty.

The bat is so itty-bitty-teeny-tiny her body embraces only half my thumb, to which she clings during our first moments.

Clings to with eyes shut: either because she naturally re-immersed herself in torpor, or from exhaustion. Exhaustion due to merciless battering from an overindulged, overweight cat …continue reading

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