Language Alive! Hupa and Pomo stories

This Fall 2015 semester, as part of an ongoing effort to recognize and conserve biocultural diversity, two new bilingual animated story films in the Pomo and Hupa languages were created by San José State University students.

The Native languages of California are among the most highly endangered languages in the world. We support the ongoing work of the Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival , especially their Master-Apprentice program and biannual conferences, and the invaluable efforts of the National Breath of Life Archival Institute for Indigenous Languages and their support for “renewed” speakers.

“Rabbit and Elk” a traditional Pomo story told by David Antone, was animated by Kayla Huyhn and co-produced by Perla Alcarz and Louise Hill.

“Little Brother,” a Hupa story told by Verdana Parker, was animated by Jennifer Frutos and co-produced by Jeanette Gallaga, Vladmir Salcedo, and Nicholas Phan.

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