The Professor and Her Champion – in Vogue!

Your favorite ethnoecologist and her tiny home is one of twelve retrofits featured in a brand-new book, The Modern House Bus, by Kimberley Mok (Countrymen Press, 2018).

The book provides a luxurious (“transporting”) introduction to bus conversions by a wide range of owners (young families, techies, freelancers, artisans), along with a how-to guide for DIYers. And, ooh la la, it’s captured the attention of Vogue magazine!

The author, Kimberley Mok, contacted me over a year ago after she saw my YouTube video (now at over half-a-million views, yikes!), and I’m thrilled with the way she and her editors crafted the book. The text is a comprehensive guide to what it takes to retrofit a bus into a home, things to consider when doing to, insider tips, and how to begin.

The eleven other stories in the book are truly inspirational, and include a couple who spent twenty months overhauling an old bus, a craftsman who redid the interior in elegantly sculpted wood paneling, and young parents who custom-built bunk beds and play stations for their growing family.


Ms. Mok’s hard cover edition is gorgeous enough to be on a coffee table. Everyone I’ve showed it to couldn’t put it down – the photos and stories are that compelling.

The book is currently on sale on Amazon for 30% off (or 50% off if you buy the Kindle version) – and when you buy one, if you’re within public transit distance,  I promise to meet up over a cup of coffee or tea and autograph it! (Huge grin)


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