A Heart. A Monster.

We humans can be odd, cruel, empathetic, dismissive, protective, and transcendent in our treatment of others … and of ourselves. I try to demonstrate all of this in a short piece published online in Silver Needle Press.

A Heart. A Monster.” tells micro-stories of intense experiences from my latest “ethnographic safari” across the United States, interwoven with stanzas from an ancient Nez Perce story of origin involving Coyote and a monster.


“A Heart. A Monster.” was named as Silver Needle Pressfirst weekly creative nonfiction contest winner last April. My seventh published essay for the year, it will also be published in the Fall 2018 print edition, and read in person at the 2019 Association for Writers & Publishers conference in Nashville.

2 thoughts on “A Heart. A Monster.

  1. Excellent work, Dr. Jeanine. Please stay noble. We all need you and your insights. Thank you cousin.

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