The aftermath of an airplane crash

During the last months of my Fulbright-sponsored PhD research with the Tado community on Flores island (eastern Indonesia), my then-spouse was a passenger on a Singapore Airlines flight that crashed upon takeoff from Taipei.

He survived. Ultimately, our marriage didn’t.

My recently published essay, “Class Divisions,” emerged after almost two decades of psychic angst and over a hundred revisions. Beginning on Page 16 of the inaugural print issue of the independent art and literary journal Inverted Syntax, “Class Divisions” employs three different voices: a frantic one, a narrative one, and a scientific one.

The title refers to the structure of the essay: twenty-two vignettes, each subtitled with the name of a class that could be found in an academic catalog. (The subtitles: “Civil Engineering, Forensics, Kinesthetics,” etc. are used metaphorically, ironically, and illustratively.) Each vignette reveals a piece of the story, interspersed with scientific theories taken from aeronautics, biology, chemistry, ecology, medicine, physics, and psychology.

Writing – authentic, unrelenting, demanding writing – is one of the most powerful tools available to work through chaos, and the aftermath of chaos, in a compelling, evenhanded way. I will be reading from the essay this Spring in Denver. Would love to see readers there!

The 2019 Inverted Syntax Release Event & Reading will occur on Friday, March 15 at 6:30 p.m – 8:30 pm. We will be having alcoholic/nonalcoholic refreshments and light appetizers.

The Journal Release Event & Reading will be held at Dikeou Pop-Up Colfax located at  312 E Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80203

Dikeou Pop-Up: Colfax is located in the former Jerry’s Record Exchange storefront, and is an extension of the Dikeou Collection and offers an alternative art experience in the heart of Denver. Part of the experience is the ability to select and play music from The Dikeou Collection’s vinyl, laserdisc, and CEDs archived here.

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