“Orange Alert“ – a swift, sharp essay on today

In the midst of an otherwise horrid month (and this was before the August Complex wildfire hit one million acres), a pair of new shoes inspired a cogent piece of literary commentary.

(You know writers: we see metaphors e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.)

Published in Issue 8 of the online journal Route 7 Review, the essay sums up the zeitgeist of the moment: one crisis after another, exacerbated by a federal regime rife with maliciousness, incompetence, and a distinct lack of compassion.

“Orange Alert” published in Route 7 Review, Issue 8.

These are tough times – yet I can attest to the power of sharing painful experiences: having others bear witness allows burdens to be shared, instead of sequestered inside our aching souls. The act of writing “Orange Alert” helped me to share my anguish – as a scientist, an activist, and a single woman – with people beyond the limits imposed by (what feels like) an unending, lethal disease outbreak.

Route 7 Review is new to me, and I’m impressed. Unlike other publications, the editors replied to my submission in less than ten days (!!) and have committed to immediately uploading accepted works online. Hella cool!

So if you have a moment, click on this link, and ❤️ the essay. If you are inspired, continue the dialogue by sharing your own thoughts and responses in the comments section on this page.

As a writer, I’m curious as to how my words are digested by readers. Yes! I have an inquiring mind, and I’d like to know.

4 thoughts on ““Orange Alert“ – a swift, sharp essay on today

  1. You gotta love them and what a sight you must make striding down the avenue … any avenue. So glad you are not unfriending as I’ve been exploring our individual bubbles watching “The Social Dilemma” (on Netflix) and “Hacking Your Mind” (4 part series on PBS). I’m hoping this is a horrible nightmare and I will wake up soon but helas!

  2. Your words entered my eyes, caught in my throat and traveled down my spine, as they settled in my heart. Love you, friend. ❤

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