Los Ancianos – Honoring the Old Ones

This Spring, before the heatwaves began scorching our lands out West, my girlfriend Toni and I toured some of the outstanding scenery of Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and California. We had a little over a week, and so we aimed the van towards Zion and Bryce National Parks, the Valley of Fire, and Death Valley.

We slept in the shadow of immense monoliths, and gaped at the kaleidoscopic earth tones of one jaw-dropping mountain range after another. We never tired of looking out the window, or stopping the van to take more photos. It was a fabulous trip.

Upon our return, I attempted to encapsulate the intense, pervasive, other-worldly sense of being in the presence of magnificent, grandiose, ancient beings. (We all feel this when we, tiny human-ants, walk amidst the Giants.)

My Native friends remind us that even the rocks are alive. I believe this.

Given it was time to submit another video clip to the Art in the Redwoods exhibit at the Gualala Art Center, I chose a selection of photos from our trip, wrote the best words I could think of, and turned the mix into my fifth video-poem. (Which won first prize, again…however! Given that it was the only video clip to be submitted [eye roll, wide grin]…)

I hope the 55 seconds you spend viewing this super-short video, entitled Los Ancianos (The Old Ones), brings you a sense of wonder.

(I get goose bumps every time I watch it.)

What is more ancient than ancient?

3 thoughts on “Los Ancianos – Honoring the Old Ones

    1. Anna: as you, too, are an artist and poet, you also bring delight and inspiration to everyone around you. 🤩 May we continue to do so together within our beloved communities!

  1. Wow loved it! Images and words that will stick with me well beyond that short minute. And especially meaningful because I am familiar with the landscapes. Thank you for sharing.

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