Becoming Carbon Neutral

With climate change threatening everyone’s future in uncountable ways, and continued government inaction, what’s a conscientious citizen to do? How can we effect change, how can we be the change, one life at a time?

Ever since I began a professional focus in the environmental sciences, every year I push myself to change one more thing in my life to become more ecofriendly. I’ve grown and processed my own food (chickens! tomatoes!), drastically reduced my waste (less than one garbage bag per year), purchased 98% of my clothing from Goodwill and consignment stores, and downsized my living space.

The next big step involves becoming carbon neutral. Essentially, this means holding myself accountable for my carbon footprint (to the best of my abilities – this is not yet an exact science), and working with my adopted Indonesian tribe (the Tado) to sponsor planting of culturally significant species (bamboo, teak, sugar palm and Imperata grass) that help improve their lives.

Six months after making this decision, my story has reached almost two hundred thousand viewers on YouTube. Filmmaker Dylan Magaster documents my journey towards carbon neutrality here:

If you’re interested in becoming carbon neutral yourself, a step-by-step guide is in progress on my new “Beauty and Love” website.

(Caveat: this is just my journey, I’m far from perfect, and I’m always trying to improve. I encourage everyone to act instead of indulging in armchair critiquing – doing so creates happier lives and more positive vibes!)

2 thoughts on “Becoming Carbon Neutral

  1. I noticed that you said that you were not using gas in your bus so could you please tell me how you heat the water for a shower. I’m looking for an option for that as well.

    1. Hi Heather! Usually I “out-source” my showers: at campgrounds, friends’ houses, and at a fitness club where I am a member.

      For heating water, I have three options: (1) a parabolic solar cooker, (2) a BioLite (wood chip burning) stove, and (3) a miniature, low-wattage water kettle that I plug into an outlet.

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