Video poem wins multiple awards at Gualala Art Center’s Art in the Redwoods

“Art in the Redwoods” 2020 Prizes awarded by the Gualala Art Center

My short video-poem “I Am Stitching Myself,” an ode to Mendocino County, was just twice awarded by judges for the 59th Annual Art in the Redwoods exhibit, held online by the Gualala Arts Center.

The exhibit has been extended through September 30th.

This is the first year the Gualala Art Center included an exhibit category for video clips.

In this era of continued sheltering-in-place, with our worlds shrinking (despite the irony of being ever-more-closely connected by a virus) to a a homestead, a room, a pod, a bubble, and a few guarded external routines, as an artist/writer/contemplative soul, I wanted to create something that helped renew our battered psyches, expand our horizons.

The poem = my effort to create an expansive ode to place.

Despite being over a decade in the making, the video is a mere one minute, thirty-seven seconds long. It is “unlisted” on YouTube – which means you can only view it with this direct link. It won’t be made searchable or public until the exhibit is over,

In the meantime, I encourage you to enjoy a glimpse of Mendocino county, through one author’s profoundly influenced lens.

13 thoughts on “Video poem wins multiple awards at Gualala Art Center’s Art in the Redwoods

  1. A fine narrated video- poem, indeed with very descriptive and extraordinary scenery. Thanks for sharing

  2. I was transported to your beautiful corner of the earth and especially loved the long drink from the ocean at the end.

  3. I loved this so much and wish you could come and share my space here. I think of you often and please stay safe and enjoy the peace of the Redwoods.

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