“Magnetisms” featured in Studio Discovery Tour of North Coast Artists

There are zillions of ways to beautify our existence; engaging in art is one way to directly and cogently plug into beauty. Like many artists, I’m happiest when I’m crafting: with words, images, found objects, and the natural world.

One of my crafty outlets involves combining inspirational words or phrases with collage, either on magnets on upcycled mint tins. In the “Before Times,” (pre-pandemic) the Collage Group at the Gualala Art Center provided a bimonthly work space, filled with oodles of collage supplies free for the taking.

Magnetism upcycled tins

Over the months I assembled a collection of magnets and embellished tins, enough to display at the Discovery Gallery, and to participate in local artists’ collective exhibits.

Magnetisms available for purchase.

If you find yourself in need of a small token of beauty, let me know! I’d enjoy sending a Magnetism of your choice to your home.

Prices range from $5-$15 (plus shipping) and are negotiable, based on ability to pay, because I value spreading inspiration over making a buck.

More Magnetisms!

Although the in-person Studio Discovery Tour (a DIY tour of local artists studios in the Gualala and Sea Ranch area) was cancelled this year, all of the artists are featured online, and can be contacted directly.

List of Artists in the 2020 Studio Discovery Tour

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